Custom tailored strategies for your individual needs...

Your initial conversation with Fieldstone Financial is designed to establish what’s important to you. Once we have a prioritized list of goals, we build our service offering around achieving those goals. We then set an action plan in motion to bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you ultimately want to be. Our systematic approach leaves no stone unturned as we develop a comprehensive, custom-tailored strategy specifically for you. If you would like us to provide a complimentary second opinion regarding your current financial situation, simply click the button below to get started.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Objective, comprehensive financial planning should be the cornerstone of every financial decision you contemplate. Our unique Advice. Not Products. approach ensures that our guidance revolves around the goals you set forth rather than commission motivated insurance and investment product sales. We have positioned our service offering to provide you with a clear path from where you are today to where you'd like to go. There are no shortcuts.

Investment Advisory Services

Fieldstone Financial's approach to investment management differs greatly from that of traditional firms. We view investment holdings through a three-dimensional perspective rather than the traditional two-dimensional thinking. Our primary objective is to understand your needs, and protect your accumulated capital. We see growth as a secondary objective. Furthermore, we continuously monitor your portfolio with an eye toward ongoing risk/reward alignment.

At Fieldstone Financial we provide our clients with access to both publicly-traded securities and private-equity/debt offerings to round out a customized asset allocation. We utilize proprietary systems to quantitatively filter and qualitatively assess the vast array of investment opportunities available in the market today. Fieldstone Financial employs these tools in the management of your investment holdings to reduce the variability of your returns, avoid unintended institutionally imposed risks, and to control underlying costs. Our unique approach translates into more stabilized returns over time.

Non-Profit Endowments and Foundations

At Fieldstone Financial, we focus our attention on endowments and foundations with less than $50 million in assets where, like you, we can really make a difference. We believe foundations and endowments of this size require a more efficient, bundled, turn key approach to the management of their assets than is currently available through traditional channels. Our bundled, turn key approach to foundation and endowment services has been tailored to efficiently provide your investment committee with the necessary due diligence, trading and reporting tools without breaking the bank. With a myriad of both public and private investment vehicle options to round out your asset allocation, Fieldstone Financial may just be the solution to your asset management needs.

Whether you wish to fully outsource the management of your investment holdings or simply need someone to sit on your investment committee, we will work together, with you, to outline and ultimately address your needs.

Senior Executives

As a senior executive, you have beaten the odds in your ascension to the corner office through pain staking dedication and good old fashioned hard work. With no hidden agendas or products to push, Fieldstone Financial is the clear choice for you if you're serious about taking control and preserving your assets to solidify your financial future. You have taken many risks along the way--some paid off while others did not. During your asset accumulation phase, you had the luxury of both time to recover from the wide swings in the market and high earning power but as you enter the phase where preservation of assets and income production is more critical, careful, objective, unbiased advice is what you really need. There are no shortcuts.

Golden parachutes, stock options, restricted stock units and deferred compensation plans among other things all require modeling expertise and attention to detail. Miss something that on the surface appears minor and you'll either leave substantial money on the table or find yourself walking right into an intentionally established IRS tax trap. It happens every single day. Our clients include executives from DuPont, Kraft, Exxon Mobil, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and many others.

Professional Athletes

As a professional athlete, you have worked extremely hard at refining your skills to the point where you are literally at the top of your game. If you play your cards right and are able to escape serious injury, you'll stroll into retirement gracefully.

There are however stark differences between you as a professional athlete and a senior executive as you approach retirement. Although you have each established substantial wealth, you are much younger than a senior executive as you enter your retirement phase of life and therefore must approach your retirement resources with an eye toward preservation for the longer term. As senior executives reach the point where retirement is a viable option, most have already handled obligations like private high school and college education. Because you have had a much shorter career and your earnings were front end loaded, these family obligations are still a number of years off. This long period where your money must produce both income and appreciation coupled with your appetite for elevated spending levels, spells disaster for the vast majority of people in your position. Recognizing this early enough is the only way to prevent the rough waters ahead.

If you would like us to provide an honest, complimentary second opinion regarding the direction of your current financial strategy, simply click the button below to get started.