Fieldstone Research

At Fieldstone Research®, we incorporate strategic asset allocation and direction through a research collaborative comprised of industry leaders. Combining the vast intellectual capital of this collaborative group with our internal quantitative, data-driven, risk-conscious approach to investing, we are able to fully customize our three-dimensional investment philosophy, which enables us to comply with your client-specific investment policies and constraints.

Our three-dimensional investment philosophy is designed to preserve your investment assets while carefully aligning risk/reward characteristics with individually stated risk preference. The primary objective of our research is to avoid having to time the sharp swings of the markets while participating in the majority of market advances and protecting portfolio holdings during a declining market. Our investment committee, meets weekly to discuss ongoing portfolio construction and to contemplate proactive, tactical portfolio modifications based on current and projected market conditions.

Fieldstone Research® is independent from Fieldstone Financial.


Research Contributors



Damon Hart

Damon takes a quantitative, data driven approach to asset management and contributes that expertise in support of our research collaborative. Damon is a managing partner at Raylor.



Lauris Lambergs, CIMA®

Lauris brings both his leadership skills and his analytical investment background to our research collaborative. Lauris is a partner at Raylor.



Bill Militello

Bill brings his hands on expertise in real estate investing to our research collaborative and supports our quest to align investors with income producing opportunities anchored in real assets. Bill is the Founder of Militello Capital.



Michael Obuchowski, Ph.D.

Dr. Obuchowski has developed a diverse range of investment strategies over the last fourteen years and is an integral part of our research collaborative. In addition, Dr. Obuchowski brings with him many years of industry specific experience in academic research in healthcare and biotechnology.



Gregory Rogers

Greg brings extensive experience in due diligence, business consulting and his leadership of a publicly traded investment management firm to our research collaborative. Greg is a managing partner at Raylor.



David Summers, CFA®

David has specialized in portfolio allocation, analytics, closed-end fund research and trading for nearly two decades. David is an instrumental part of our research collaborative and is retained to provide tactical counsel to the firm.