About Fieldstone

Objective Advice from people who care about the outcome

For more than two decades, we have been providing our clients with the objective advice they need rather than the products they don't all at a cost that allows us to be a part of the solution to the financial challenges ahead for Americans. Corporate and municipal pensions are underfunded, healthcare costs are skyrocketing and the viability of Social Security as we know it is in question. Your survival from a financial perspective depends on your understanding of the road ahead. Investment and insurance products do nothing to address these problems. In fact, these products exacerbate the very issues the commissioned sales people who sell them claim they solve. To us, it's simply a matter of core values. We're here to demystify your financial situation so it's finally clear to you.

It's time to engage a real planning and investment management firm dedicated to helping you better understand your finances. It's time for you to fully comprehend the hidden costs, conflicts of interest and institutionally imposed risks embedded within the 'advice' you're paying for today. It's time for you to finally take control of your future.

Recognize, with each day that passes, you are missing an opportunity to gain critical insight into your financial future and to influence the outcome as only you can. There are no second chances and there are no shortcuts.

Ready for a refreshing approach to financial planning and investment management? Interested in guidance that centers around you and your needs rather than the sale of questionable investment and insurance products?

Invest sixty minutes with us. Our commitment is simple: We'll provide you with an unbiased, conflict free, objective second opinion on your current financial situation. We're willing to invest this time with you because we're confident that you'll leave this meeting feeling so refreshed that you'll engage us to partner with you in the management of your finances. Either way, we promise you'll leave enlightened with knowledge your current advisor will wish you didn't have.

Our History

Since the establishment of Fieldstone Financial, we have offered only objective, Fee-Only financial advice. Our advisors are members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) the nations premier Fee-Only organization. We have never offered investment or insurance products and have no hidden agendas. Each of the financial strategies we recommend is motivated solely by our interest in helping you achieve the financial goals we establish together.

Our Collaborative Advisory Team

At Fieldstone Financial we amplify the individual talents of our team members through ongoing professional collaboration. By doing so, our clients gain access to a continuously improving world class service offering.

Fieldstone Financial’s Tactical Council

Given the ever changing business landscape, it is critical to remain true to our core mission to provide truly objective advice.

Our Tactical Council is comprised of an exceptional group of professionals that have risen to the top within their respective industries and offer constructive guidance to our management team as we seek to maintain and ultimately enhance your client experience.

From the dedicated, data driven team at Fieldstone Research® who perform due diligence on each investment opportunity we pursue to our advisory committee who help us to continuously improve our business processes, we have surrounded ourselves with excellence.